16 Key Stats of Gen Z to Get Your Workplace Ready

This blog is a guest post by Fundera. It is the companion to a Voice America Radio show with Cam Marston Leveraging Generational Differences to Improve Organizational Success.

The newest generation of professional is just beginning to reach the workforce. Given the changes that came along with the generation before them, the notorious millennials, many smart managers are gearing up for yet more changes. While still a very young generation, early observations reveal some intriguing differences in this young workforce. Gen Z tends to be financially cautious, value interpersonal communication, and technologically savvy.

So how can you learn to effectively manage Gen Z? Like with all great leadership, this starts with empathy and understanding. Know the main influences that make Generation Z different from millennials. For one, the financial recession of 2008 affected many young Gen Z. While millennials graduates were surprised by the downturn, Gen Z grew up prepared for it. They are therefore more motivated by security and finances than millennials. Just like millennials they grew up with phones, but theirs have always have been much more advanced. The advanced communication technology like Facetime makes them value in-person communication more than their introverted millennial peers.

Given these factors, it’s no surprise that 61% prefer one-on-one feedback from the office leadership, and even more prefer frequent team meetings. 72% want frequent recognition in addition, so don’t forget to tell them when they’re doing well. Nurturing their technological savvy by providing multiple screens, communicating frequently, and provide financial security is a great place to start when managing Gen Z

For more statistics on what makes Gen Z different, and advice for how you can prepare your workplace for them, check out this infographic by Fundera:


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