7 Tips on Effective Team Management

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This article is a guest post provided by Katrina Hatchett.  It is provided to supplement the interview with Laura Morgan Roberts and Courtney McCluney, as part of the International Leadership Association’s interview series.  Their interview on Innovating Leadership, Co-creating Our Future titled DEI: Needed Conversations and Understanding aired on Tuesday, April 27th, 2021.


Team management is more than just being a team; it’s also about making sure that everything runs smoothly in your team. However, simply managing your team can be harder than it looks.

Now, you may remember that before you became a manager, you had to start from the ground up, taking responsibility for working with team members, and even on your own. Isn’t that right?

So, now that you’re a manager, congratulations! Now, let’s put your skills to the test, as you take on a management role. That means it’s your turn to inspire, lead, and motivate your team to accomplish numerous goals for all kinds of projects.

Now, not everything will work out the way you’ve planned; and sometimes, team members might not cooperate with either your or with each other. That’s why, as a manager, you have to be ready to tackle anything that comes in your way and do so to where it’s effective and sets a good example for your team.

With that said, here are 7 tips to follow when managing a team effectively:

Check-In Daily

“It’s important to check in on everyone on your team every day,” says Candice Leyva, a project manager at Writemyx and Next Coursework. “That means keeping in touch with everyone – in-house and remote team members. Although phone conversations and email are effective means of communication, they may not be enough for every situation.”

The good news is, services like Zoom or Google’s Team Hangouts make it easier for people to have meetings and communicate effectively, no matter where each team member is. Services like these allow you to set the agenda and provide (and listen to) feedback and resources.

Maintain Positive Work Relations

As you better communicate with your team members, this allows you to establish great relationships with them. That means knowing your team members not only on a professional level but also on a more personal level. Whether you have virtual luncheons, in-person get-togethers, etc., it’s great to have positive relations with your colleagues. Find out what they like to do outside of work – hobbies, interests, favorite TV shows, etc. That allows you to build a better rapport among the team.

Be Tech-Friendly

Nowadays, people want to stay connected in any shape or form, especially in the workplace. Therefore, it’s your job as a manager to ensure that your team stays connected. While text messages and email are now considered short-term solutions, communication tools have evolved in today’s world, with tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. Such innovations are far better suited for collaboration and communication, which are a plus for team management.

Be A Good Example

As a manager, it’s obvious that your staff will look to you for guidance, inspiration, and direction. Therefore, it’s essential that you look and act as so. By setting a good example among your team, you’ll not only gain their respect, but they’ll also exhibit the right behaviors in productivity, presentation, and there on after. That means if you expect team members to behave professionally and commit to their work, set the example and do the same.

Be Outcome-Based

That means, focus on outcomes, not activity.

Although it’s not possible to manage every aspect of the work done by your team, it’s still imperative to focus on the outcomes of what’s being worked on. In other words, expect results from each aspect of your team, even if you can’t physically be there for every single one of them. And again, you can use communication tools to keep in touch with team members, even when you’re away. This is how you measure your team accordingly, by looking for results, not the activity or hours worked.

Resolve Conflict

“Sometimes, there will be conflict within a team,” says Evie Wyatt, a psychologist at Brit student and Australia 2 write. “And while it’s important to have team members resolve their feuds as soon as possible, you, the manager, must find ways to resolve them in a quicker manner, rather than let them continue and interfere with work.”

In addition, it’s important to educate the team on the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Should problems arise, you at least have peace of mind, as you and your teamwork quickly resolve them.

Define Solid Expectations

Finally, make sure that you define your expectations in a way that they’re both realistic and straightforward for everyone on the team. This allows you to figure out what each team member (including yourself) should do to accomplish goals. And, this allows you to set yourself and your team up for success when you clearly state both the tasks and the reasons behind them.

So, make sure you define these expectations for each task/project:

  • Scope
  • Deadlines
  • Deliverables


Although managing a team can be hard at times, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be hard on your team if they don’t get something right, or if other things fall apart. As you follow these 7 tips, you and your team will be more productive, regardless of any situation.


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