About Us

ILI online learning

We understand the business challenges and disruptions you face. We evolve your  leaders to turn disruption into a strategic advantage that allows you to create the future you want.

We are living and leading at an amazing point in history. Some businesses are disrupting and improving our world, others are failing at an accelerated pace. As a leader, you move your company into the future you create. By elevating your leadership and building the DNA of innovation, you create that future more successfully .

ILI provides sophisticated, customizable leadership development, coaching and assessment solutions that facilitate behavioral change and accelerate culture transformation in alignment with an organization’s strategy and goals. Everything focuses on integrating leadership innovation into organizational DNA, incorporating it into the cultural foundation by targeting systems, processes, mindsets and behaviors. These changes enable you to leverage the specific disruption you are facing, like digital transformation (analytics, AI, robotic process automation), to meet your organization’s objectives.

Leadership is a strategic differentiator. Does yours position you to deliver success during disruption? If no, what are you doing to regain – and sustain – your advantage?

ILI is focused on making the world better through leadership. We strengthen leadership talent pools, helping leaders evolve ahead of their competition so that leadership itself becomes a strategic advantage.

We do this by:

  1. Creating and curating practical, leading-edge tools, frameworks, interviews and articles that serve as the foundation for leadership evolution
  2. Assessing leadership to create personalized development plans based on one’s current positioning and objectives
  3. Developing leaders using customized workshops and process-focused coaching
  4. Building high-functioning teams that are structured to accomplish organizational objectives
  5. Creating a culture of innovation that promotes engagement, agility and high performance, and
  6. Consulting and advising client transformation programs to help organizations accomplish strategic objectives and evolve how they work.

We believe that during times of dramatic change and disruption, the optimal path forward is to develop leaders, organizations and communities, equipping them to solve their biggest problems and create opportunities for all stakeholders.

Why Us?

Almost every day, we hear that businesses are changing quickly but their leadership team is not keeping up. Our experience and resources are focused, proven to help C-suite and senior leaders stay apace  and successfully lead change.

To learn more, check out our services, take a free organization transformation assessment and explore the thought leadership associated with growing and changing your organization, then contact us! We welcome the opportunity to help you move forward.