About Us

Innovative Leadership Institute is focused on creating a stronger talent pool of leaders – improving the leadership capacity and impact across the globe who will create the future we will collectively walk into.

Innovative Leadership Institute (formerly Metcalf & Associates) is focused on making the world better through leadership! We help leaders identify disruptive trends and develop strategies to transform themselves and their organizations into industry leaders.

We do this by:

  1. developing leaders using workshops and coaching,
  2. build teams,
  3. create a culture of innovation, and
  4. consulting and advising organizational transformation

We believe that during times of dramatic change and disruption, the optimal path forward as a global community is to have the best leaders in roles to solve the biggest problems and create opportunities to create a better future for everyone.

Guiding Principles:

To learn more about us, we encourage you to explore the site and check out our services, take a free organization transformation assessment and explore the thought leadership associated with growing and changing your organization. When you are ready to move forward, contact Innovative Leadership Institute