About Us

Leadership is a Strategic Differentiator! Does Your Leadership Position You To Deliver Sustained Success During Turbulent Times? If Not, What Are You Doing To Regain And Sustain Your Advantage?

The Innovative Leadership Institute is focused on making the world better through leadership! It helps you strengthen your leadership talent pool. In doing so, we help your leaders evolve ahead of your competition so that leadership itself becomes one of your strategic advantages.

We do this by:

  1. developing practical, leading edge tools, frameworks, interviews and articles that serve as the foundation for leadership evolution,
  2. assessing leadership to create personalized development plans based on where they are now and their objectives,
  3. developing leaders using customized workshops and process focused coaching,
  4. building high functioning teams structured to accomplish organizational objectives,
  5. creating a culture of innovation that promotes engagement, agility and high performance, and
  6. consulting and advising on transformation programs to help organizations accomplish strategic objectives and evolve how they work.

We believe that during times of dramatic change and disruption, the optimal path forward is develop leaders, organizations and communities equipped to solve the biggest problems and create opportunities for all stakeholders.

Why Us:

Almost every day we hear that businesses are changing quickly and our leadership team is not changing at the same pace. Our experience and resources are focused and proven to help “C” Suite and Senior leaders keep pace and lead change.

To learn more about us, we encourage you to explore the site and check out our services, take a free organization transformation assessment and explore the thought leadership associated with growing and changing your organization. When you are ready to move forward, contact Innovative Leadership Institute