Antoinette BraksAntoinette Braks is a Master Certified Leadership Coach, Founder of StageSHIFT Coaching, and thought leader in Vertical Development. StageSHIFT promises a proven accelerated pathway in vertical development that quickly takes leaders into the top 10% of inspiring, visionary leaders at Synergist who can reinvent today’s world, and liberates the people in organizations to realize their latent potential as conscious change Catalysts. They discover how to transcend disruption, cut through complexity, and navigate uncertainty with synergistic ingenuity so they can co-create a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable world.

Antoinette won the CEO Today 2020 Leadership Coaching Award and her new book, Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership is being published by McGraw Hill in 2020. She has presented at many global Coaching, Leadership, and Integral Conferences to share her Vertical Development Theory. As well as being a Master Executive Coach, author, and presenter, Antoinette is a strategic facilitator and vertical leadership consultant who brings deep insight and a global business perspective to her transformative work with C-suite leaders, executive teams, and whole organizations to realize amazingly swift transformative outcomes.

The expansive StageSHIFT coaching approach incorporates strategic systemic organizational evolution and personal holistic leadership based on psychodynamics, reframing narrative, and shadow resolution while realizing the highest aspirations in life, career, and business. Antoinette and her colleagues lead StageSHIFT workshops for C-suite, divisional and high potential leaders, and Masterclasses for executive coaches. The StageSHIFT SYNERGIST Leadership Program can be customized and scaled to match the organizational context by blending e-learning with group workshops, team, and executive coaching.

Antoinette’s corporate background includes leading Leadership Capital Solutions with Korn Ferry Asia Pacific, consulting with Hudson Talent and Regional Strategic HR Management with Shell International Latin America and Africa. Antoinette also led People and Culture with Vector NZ during the merger integration of their gas and electricity businesses and designed and directed the strategic culture transformation of Businesslink Australia. She has quickly ignited quantum leaps in leadership effectiveness, people engagement, and business performance.