James RoresWith a refreshingly frank and honest perspective, James uses a combination of unconventional insights, humor, research, and storytelling to create practical and memorable experiences for his audiences. James is a veteran builder of growth companies, who came of age in a fourth-generation family business. Setting out on his own in 1991, he would serve as a founder, sales leader, or top producer for multiple companies; participating in three public events and several successful exits. James was especially attracted to the challenge of selling new products and breaking new markets for growth-stage and venture-backed companies. During this time, he developed a unique, customer-centric sales methodology that allowed him to consistently sell products and services his customers had never heard of, to solve problems they didn’t know they had.

In 2005, responding to a sudden and profound wake-up call, James made a discovery he believed every growth-oriented business leader had to experience. One that would take his methodology to the next level and allow him to share what he had learned with sales and customer-facing teams around the world. Today, this methodology is captured in Floriss Group’s Collecting WINSTM and Growth Multiplier CertificationTM platforms.

Everyone has something to sell. Anyone can be a growth multiplier. Every organization is perfectly designed to achieve the results it’s producing right now. What changes can you make to deliver the results you seek? Whether you run a sales team charged with penetrating new markets, a marketing team responsible for executing complex go-to-market strategies, or an IT team responsible for bringing innovation to internal stakeholders, James has unique insights your team can leverage to make an immediate and measurable impact. Take this opportunity to partner with James and experience his passion for delivering greater clarity, strategy, and action. We look forward to hearing from you!