As an executive coach and consultant, Kim Frerichs has a passion for developing leaders and facilitating their ability to bring people together to create great things. Known as a keen observer, deep listener and committed learning partner, Kim helps her clients to see themselves and their organizations from new vantage points, gaining the insight, energy and skill to generate new outcomes. Whether coaching executives, facilitating team building and strategic planning retreats or training managers and teams in conversational effectiveness or promise-based management, Kim excels at transforming what matters to people into committed action towards a larger goal.

Kim is also a “coaches’ coach”, mentoring coaches in training for the Newfield Network, the Institute for Generative Leadership and the Five Rings Coaching Program. In addition to serving as a Senior Program Coach for Newfield, Kim has co-led their graduate-level coach training program.  Kim brings to her coaching and consulting over 12 years in management with Boeing.  She has a strong background in leadership and career development, working to align the needs and achievements of individuals and organizations. Working her way up to senior management, Kim gained an insider’s understanding of organizational life within varied environments – from a support services division to a commercial airplanes division to corporate offices – and was introduced to coaching as a management tool.


  • Listen in at multiple levels and reflect back a range of perspectives and potential opportunities
  • See open doors, possibilities and progress when they cannot
  • Convey strengths as well as shortcomings in ways that are meaningful and transforming
  • Provide support for honest reflection and personal stretch
  • Help them step into another’s shoes and discover something they had previously missed or misunderstood
  • Keep things practical and in line with their realities/capacities
  • Propose actions and practices that expand their capabilities


Team Building

Provided training and integration coaching to a leadership team challenged by turnover at the top, anticipated budget cuts and a history of internal divisiveness.

  • Utilizing ‘promise-based management’, developed a unifying vision and mission that focused on stakeholder value creation within available resources.
  • Facilitated articulation of what the leadership team wanted to become known for, and provided training and coaching to support their ability to live into it.
  • Helped the team reprioritize and renegotiate existing commitments to align with the mission and actual capacity.
  • Introduced new team practices designed to build, maintain and repair trust while making and managing shared promises.

Designed and facilitated team-building training for an organization challenged by over-commitment, burnout and resentment. This work was supplemented by one-on-one coaching with the team leader. 

  • Helped people see how individual actions contributed to a larger organizational pattern.
  • Introduced a conversational structure that allowed the group to make and manage their commitments with greater ease and effectiveness.
  • In six months, pre/post survey results showed improvement in 36 out of 40 questions.

Transition Design and Planning

Facilitated development of a plan for creation of and transition to regionally based HR service delivery within two networks of National Parks used to in-house services and independent operations.

  • Designed and facilitated a 3-day offsite for organizational leaders who needed to meet each other and work together in order to manage an externally-driven change that was not well understood, resourced or embraced.
  • Despite the challenges, we laid the foundation for a shared vision and set of agreements designed to position them well for implementation within the fiscal year.
    • Participants gained a clear sense of the scope of the issues and requirements involved with designing and implementing an approach that would meet their needs.
    • Regional and nation-wide perspectives were integrated with those of a wide range of local stakeholders.
    • A workable set of actions and accountabilities were developed and committed to.
    • Organization leaders said they were glad they had attended and came away feeling like “we’re in this together”.

Four-Park Outreach Program

Currently supporting the development and implementation of a four-park vision, strategy and action plan for urban-based outreach intended to generate new opportunities for the engagement, education and employment of a broader base of future park stewards.  Outcomes to date include:

  • Learning what ‘outreach’ means for each park and where interests intersect.
  • Identification of a unifying vision through which to leverage multi-park connectivity and create something more than any park could create on its own.
  • Development of community partnerships that build for the future – bringing a long-range vision, a concern for program sustainability and customer-centric thinking to program development.
  • Establishment of a youth outreach internship and apprenticeship program

Leadership Development Coaching

Provide one-on-one coaching to governmental leaders within the EPA, the NPS and NASA. (Additional examples of executive coaching are described on page 6)

  • Facilitate development of the next generation of NPS leaders in support of developing, valuing and sustaining a world-class workforce.
  • Have coached over 30 NPS leaders in engagements averaging six months or more, incorporating ESCI and other assessment results into coaching goals.
  • Have gained “a window in” on parks of wide-ranging size and locations, and appreciation for what it can take to execute on the larger mission within a local setting. For example:
    • How to build a constituency of local partners who are willing to find common ground, overcome hurdles, and work together on the issues that matter.
    • How to manage the balance between local and national, and internal and external needs.

Strategy Implementation

Designed and facilitated a retreat to gather information to inform strategic thinking, and promote stronger alignment between organization strategy and daily actions.

  • The organization gained valuable “front line” perspectives on internal and external challenges and opportunities; useful input to an upcoming strategic planning session.
  • Strengthened the perceived value of and commitment to aligned and coordinated action.
  • Identified critical indicators of misalignment that could be used to check progress.


  • Masters work in Education – University of Washington
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology – Oberlin College and TESC
  • Professional Coach Certification, International Coaching Federation
  • Ontological Coaching Certification, The Newfield Network
  • Coaching Excellence in Organizations Certificate, Institute for Generative Leadership – Coaching Excellence in Organizations (CEO) is a three-year graduate-level program for experienced coaches that parallel’s the Institute’s generative leadership program for managers.  It excels in teaching people to identify and address the underlying concerns and opportunities in organizations that impact mission attainment and value creation. It offers distinctions and frameworks for managing stakeholder satisfaction, dissatisfaction and expectations, building strong teams and excellence in execution, addressing business design and strategy development, and managing change and innovation. Beyond applying the learning gained from this program in her coaching, consulting and facilitation, Kim serves as a program coach for current participants.
  • Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems Certificate (GTC), Pacific Integral and the Leadership Institute of Seattle – GTC (Generating Transformative Change is a 15-month program designed to build participants’ abilities to influence and affect positive, transformational change in complex and dynamic systems. Its unique approach is based on ongoing investigation into human and social evolution that is research-based, developmental, integral, essential and practical.
  • 5 Rings Coaching Certification, Cultivating Excellence / Stuart Heller – The 5-Rings / Cultivating Excellence program introduces coaches to core distinctions in the language of movement, and a range of processes and practices designed to reveal the inherent linkages between the verbal and non-verbal dimensions of expression and interaction. The methodology offers an additional domain in which to notice and work with key patterns of an individual or group.
  • Leadership Development Framework Certification, Harthill UK -The Leadership Development Framework describes a developmental progression through successive stages of leadership maturity and ‘agility’ with complex challenges. Developed from Jane Loevinger’s work on the Washington University Sentence Completion Test, the LDF (also known as LMF) has been rigorously validated against more than 7000 Leadership Development Profiles in the Cook-Greuter database.
  • TESI Certification (Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Assessment) – The TESI instrument measures seven skills beneficial to collaborative growth, sustainable productivity and a team’s emotional and social well-being.
  • Co-Active Coaching Certification, The Coaches Training Institute  – Following training in workplace-based performance coaching in 1995, Kim trained and certified through two accredited coach training schools and has maintained professional ICF certification for over 7 years. She has additionally co-led Newfield’s graduate-level coaching program and is among their staff of master coaches.