Lisa IversonLisa Iverson is a certified coach and a licensed mental health therapist. Lisa was also the founder and was the long-term Executive Director of NOVA School, an independent middle school for highly capable students. She has spent years in senior leadership roles running this and other schools. During this time she honed her skills in leadership, organization development and individual leader development. She now focuses on providing innovative leadership and organizational development coaching and consulting. Lisa coaches her clients to effectively navigate the complex terrain of transformational leadership in organizations as well as in entrepreneurial settings.

Lisa brings a unique combination of expertise to her coaching work with leaders:  years of personal experience as a successful leader, a thorough understanding of how to develop innovative leadership skills, a deep knowledge of human nature and psychology, a fascination with organizational development and change management, and a pragmatism regarding business realities.

Her expertise deepens and enhances the development of leaders by providing a sounding board in their development process, providing tools and techniques and encouraging them to fully explore their own capacities. These skills help leaders optimize their understanding of themselves as leaders and build the skills to become more effective over the course of their careers.  Lisa’s training and experience in psychology inform and enrich her coaching work, as does her experience as a successful entrepreneur.


  • Innovative leadership development
  • Leadership skills assessment and  improvement
  • Team building
  • Group facilitation
  • Succession planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Change management planning and implementation
  • Building resilience in the work place and personally
  • Non-profit organization leadership


  • As a school founder and leader, Lisa brings nearly 20 years of organizational leadership and operations experience to challenges. She is recognized as an effective, imaginative leader with proven operational skills coupled with the ability to analyze, develop, and implement successful strategies for profitability and growth. Known as an exceptional leadership coach, collaborative counselor, and effective consultant, she helps leaders successfully develop themselves while transforming their organizations. She works with leaders to develop “Level 5” leadership capacities.
  • Lisa built and led a successful school for 16 years, which transitioned to the next generation of leadership. She has a strong entrepreneurial focus and experience developing organizational foundation and scaling an organization. She also understands the importance and challenges of succession planning and developing a strong successor.
  • As a consultant, Lisa has worked with a range of organizations to assess their challenges, develop creative solutions and in some cases, led the implementation of significant change initiatives.
  • Lisa also works with individuals as a collaborative personal or life coach, to assist clients in meeting their personal and career goals.


  • Masters of Education,  Pacific Lutheran University – Certified teacher and school administrator in WA state
  • Masters of Counseling Psychology, St. Martin’s University – Licensed mental health therapist in WA state (LMHCA)
  • Certified Integral Coach, New Ventures West
  • Certified in Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems, Leadership Institute Of Seattle – 18 month intensive training