Maureen MetcalfMaureen Metcalf, Founder, CEO, and Board Chair of the Innovative Leadership Institute is a highly sought-after expert in anticipating and leveraging future business trends to transform organizations.  She has captured her thirty years of experience and success in an award-winning series of books that are used by public, private, and academic organizations to align company-wide strategy, systems, and culture with innovative leadership techniques.  As a preeminent change agent, Ms. Metcalf has set strategic direction and then transformed her client organizations to deliver significant business results such as increased profitability, cycle time reduction, improved quality, and increased employee effectiveness. She and the Innovative Leadership Institute have developed and certified hundreds of leaders who amplify their organizations’ impact across the world.

For years, she shares her hard-won insights – through conference speaking, industry publications, radio talk-shows, and video presentations. She is a regularly featured author for She is the host of Voice America international radio show focusing on innovative leadership, and the author of an award-winning book series on Innovative Leadership, including the Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations, winner of a 2014 International Book Award.

She has recognized for her contributions to the fields of leadership, innovation, and technology field by being named Business First BizTech Executive of the Year 2019, ComSpark Power Player 2018 and 2019, and Ten Influential Business Leaders to Watch 2020, and ComSpark Central Ohio’s Outstanding Woman in Technology 2020.

The Innovative Leadership Institute has a 20-year track record of delivering value to high-performing clients ranging from local Ohio small businesses to Fortune 15 organizations to the US Armed Forces. Client industry mainstays include technology, engineering, manufacturing, financial, and medical services. The Innovative Leadership Institute also has an international presence helping companies in the United Kingdom and Europe. ILI won the Global Excellence 2020 Award: Most Outstanding Leadership Development Consultancy 2020 – Ohio.

Maureen is a valued board member of a number of organizations. Before founding the Innovative Leadership Institute, she worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Accenture as a Senior Manage transforming organizations.

Innovative Leadership Transformation Consultant Areas of Expertise

  • Business strategy development
  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Executive coaching & mentoring
  • Culture transformation
  • Organizational transformation consulting
  • Large scale systems implementation (Enterprise Resource Planning/ERP)
  • Succession planning
  • Team and organizational assessment

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Innovative Leadership Transformation Consultant Accomplishments

  • Ms. Metcalf founded and leads the Innovative Leadership Institute (formerly Metcalf & Associates, Inc), a successful management consulting firm that pioneered the creation of a groundbreaking approach to develop Innovative Leaders. Leadership development, executive advising, and coaching services enable leaders to enhance their skills as they transform their organizations to create sustainable business success. Maureen is the thought leader and primary force behind the service offerings.
  • Developed multiple cohort-based leadership development programs for a broad range of organizations. Programs range in duration based on organization goals. All are delivered using a hybrid of in-person or Zoom classes, an online portal providing self-directed exercises and podcasts, and coaching. These programs are designed to build leadership skills and self-awareness. Video of participants testimonials Sample CIO feedback for 50 person IT Leader cohort:
    • How much have the participant(s) individual leadership skills and/or performance improved over the last year attributable to what they have learned by being in the program? 4.5
    • If the participant(s) currently leads a group, how much has the culture and/or performance of their group improved over the last year attributable to the participant’s leadership? 4.5
    • How much better prepared are the participant(s) for additional leadership responsibilities/promotion in the future? 5.0
  • As a Board Member and as Board Chair, I co-facilitated two struggling organizations to get acquired, avoiding default on financial commitments and ensuring stakeholders would continue to receive value (a University and a nature-preserve).
  • Coached several key executives to turn around their organizations – an example – General Counsel (GC) running legal department had a 50% turnover. During coaching, GC rebuilt the team with 0% turnover and the highest employee satisfaction in the organization.
  • Revised board governance – implanting term limits, conflict of interest clauses, and creating an emeritus board to transition board members with conflicts off the board.
  • Launched wholly-owned subsidiary and transitioned into a successful enterprise – replacing a line of business that was losing money
  • Insourced key functions – increased staff by 300% and reduced cost structure by 35%, improved cycle time and quality
  • Facilitated large-scale change ranging from mid-sized technology firm to large manufacturing company ERP implementation to physician-based organizations. The key result – successful implementation and tracking to deliver business results promised. Activities included restructuring staffing to ensure savings were realized, process optimization, and risk management.

Selected Education, Training, and Certifications

  • Masters of Business Administration, VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY
  • Competent Boards – ESG Board Certification 2021 pending
  • Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems (GTC) – Leadership Institute of Seattle / Bastyr University and Pacific Integral
  • Transformative Coaching In Vertical Leadership Development 2021
  • Leadership Development Profile (LDP/MAP) – Harthill USA – Susann Cook-Greuter
  • Master’s certification – Ecosynomics/Organizational Vibrancy Assessment and Agreements Mapping
  • Immunities to Change Process – Kegan and Lahey
  • The Leadership Circle Profile™
  • Spiral Dynamics I, II and MacroMemetics – Spiral Dynamics Integral
  • Deep Coaching Practitioner (Includes Presence-Based Coaching and Enneagram Coaching)– Deep Coaching Institute – Certified by International Coaching Federation and International Enneagram Association
  • Deep Change Spiritual Intelligence Coach (certified in spiritual intelligence assessment – SQ21)

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