Mike Shur

Michael Shur, J.D. from NYU Law School with B.A. magna cum laude from Brown University, leads the Innovative Leadership Institute’s talent management practice.  His 20+ years of business experiences includes being a securities attorney on Wall Street leading billion dollar securitizations for the largest mortgage lenders; navigating cross-functional teams through billion dollar acquisitions; building new cultural ecologies that improve performance as they facilitate individual growth; and marshalling the talents of a diverse talent development team to create growth opportunities at technology companies covering massive data networks, high-power lasers, and digital enterprise automation.

Hyper-growth “unicorn” start-ups also leveraged Mike’s experience with on-boarding program design and performance rating systems that were easy to launch, scale and use for on-going development.  With a lifecycle view into the employee experience Mike is always working to integrate point solutions into operational efficiencies that help profitable growth while maintaining a growth mindset culture.

Employee lifecycle view means paying attention to the development of every individual as the means to improve organizational health and resiliency.  From establishing the conscious legacy organizational leaders want to create, through the very first recruiting and screening conversations candidates have with a recruiter, mindfulness and personal attainment become the hallmark of organizations that create self-sustaining feedback loops of innovation, social responsibility, and shareholder value.

As people become more present to every moment they become aware of their natural state of joy. Every day this awareness grows to become a bigger part of their reality. Clearer communication and genuine team orientation result from this expanding awareness. Robust teams achieve better results faster.  This allows organizations to meet the needs of all their stakeholders – investors, employees, and the communities they thrive in.

Now corporate executives, company leaders, and innovators benefit from his years of coaching experience and insight, yet expressed in a very simple philosophy. 

“Happy people build stronger teams creating successful organizations.”

Areas of Expertise:

  • Program Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Management Development      
  • Online Training
  • Group Facilitation
  • Global Delivery
  • 360° Feedback 
  • Team Building 
  • Curriculum Design
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Interventions
  • Personality assessments including:  Myers-Briggs, CPI 260, FIRO-B, TKI, Voices 360 from Korn-Ferry, Strong Interest Inventory


Building on a foundation of structured analysis and critical thinking from law, he has managed the online presence of the world’s most technologically advanced storage technology at IBM; steered the venerated personality assessment the Myers-Briggs(r) assessment onto the internet with automated individualized results while increasing top-line revenue nearly 40% in just 2 years; and leveraged the legal, marketing, product management to complete a certificate from the Wharton School of Business in the Return on Investment of Online Marketing Program, the first program of its kind in the U.S.

* Built and managed web presence for $4B IBM HDD business

* Lead team of 60 from IBM to Hitachi including marketing, IT, and other G&A groups

* Won Zenith Award for Excellence for Leading@JDSU program

* Reduced performance review times from 20+ weeks to 7 weeks, while increasing participation and completion rates

* Launched View University to 1000+ employees in 30 days

* Collaborated with HR business partners to update and launch on-boarding programs company-wide

* Developed and facilitated training on subjects including:

  1. Leadership
  2. Communication
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Hiring and Interviewing

Selected Education, Training and Certifications

J.D. from NYU Law School

B.A. from Brown University (magnu cum laude)

Certified in:

* Myers-Briggs

* CPI 260



* Strong Interest Inventory

* Insights

* 5 Healthy Habits of Teams (Wiley Publishing, Pat Lencioni program)