Patt Hardie is CEO and Managing Partner of The Hardie Group LLC firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Patt’s consulting focus is leadership and team performance. She is a trusted advisor/coach with over 30 years’ experience in talent, leadership, and organizational development. Patt has a passion for creating optimum ways for integrating solutions and practices into the business with minimal disruption as an enabler to success. Her belief is that while every leader and team is unique, a significant aspect of any leader’s success is a combination of three aligned factors: leader self-awareness/ development; team member self-awareness /growth; and overall team performance.

Patt is recognized for her collaborative, trusted partnerships; powerful facilitation, novel yet practical solutions aligned to business needs, and focus on improved performance for sustainable behavioral change. Her practice has helped hundreds of leaders at all levels and in all environments, from power plants to hospital units, new managers to the C-Suite on multiple continents.

Prior to founding The Hardie Group LLC, Patt held senior leadership and consulting positions at Battelle Memorial Institute, Scotts MiracleGro, Ashland Inc., American Electric Power, OhioHealth, and Public Service Company of Oklahoma. In that time, she led Learning/OD consulting teams to build and implement learning frameworks/curricula and leadership development experiences, implement consistent global learning strategies, introduce new learning technology into businesses, launch a new corporate university, revitalize learning traditional brand to consultative approach; and transform organizational learning/talent strategies. She also personally coached over 200 leaders in 360o and development processes and collaborated with leaders and coached teams for new leader assimilation, higher levels of team effectiveness, team conflict resolution, strategic visioning, goal setting, inter-team conflict resolution/ goal clarity, and department culture transformation.

Consultant Areas of Expertise:

  • Serve as a trusted advisor, credible strategist and influencer, and informed consultant to help leaders determine their needs/challenges to their desired state and develop timely, focused solutions for achieving their vision to enable results.
  • Coach leaders and teams to discover and become the best version of themselves they can be for themselves and others through assessment, feedback, development planning, and intentional practice.
  • Design, tailor and implement high impact, engaging leadership development learning experiences that ensure relevant real-time learning, integrated coaching support, and collaborative networking to reinforce change.
  • Coach and facilitate teams to align resources and work masterfully together in collaboration with each other and with their key stakeholders. Design, and facilitate meaningful outcome-driven team dialogue; engaged, relevant team learning work experiences; efficient, collaborative problem-solving; and safe, accountable conflict resolution sessions integrated into meetings for teams, or one-on-one.

Relevant Accomplishments:

  • Consulted and facilitated executive strategic planning for physician, health administration team; increased collaborative teamwork and resolved conflict within Emergency Room teams and patient floor nursing staffs to increase effectiveness and enhance patient satisfaction; refocused professional learning curriculum in hospital to meet strategic business priorities to align leadership capabilities, change initiatives, and project management requirements; led the design to develop system-wide customer service strategy increasing patient satisfaction; assisted with JCAHO review preparation; worked with physician, nursing, and senior administrative teams for new leader assimilation and conflict resolution.
  • Serving as trusted advisor/coach to CEO in the transportation industry to revitalize his team and enable more effective teamwork using the Birkman Method for leader self-awareness, and team alignment, resulting in calibrating behaviors, increasing business collaboration, enhancing relationships, improving meeting effectiveness, and rapid assimilation of newly-hired executives.
  • Co-designing, facilitating a year-long leadership development process for an engineering consulting organization targeting critical competencies for business growth. Coaching 15 leader participants and mentors. Additionally, serving as a coach to internal talent organization on best practices for optimum resource utilization and culture transformation.
  • Co-facilitated and coached senior and high potential IT leaders across multiple affiliated organizations for customized, year-long leadership development experience. Advised CIO and affiliate CIO’s in overall implementation and roles. Coached 10 leader participants resulting in significant awareness and transformative growth.
  • Coached over 200 mid-to senior-level leaders, and high-potential succession candidates in the 360oassessment/development planning process as part of leadership development programs and succession processes. Tracked progress and provided ongoing coaching throughout the talent cycle. For some, the experience of receiving data and feedback was transformational.
  • Coached an IT Account Manager team in improving relationships with their internal key stakeholders over a 6-month period using a personality profile tool. Resolved internal conflict by realigning scheduled team coaching sessions and pivot by utilizing learning content to create a communication strategy for an immediate, impactful response to tackle a crucial, sensitive issue resulting in a more viable, successful approach to solving the ‘crisis’.
  • Consulted with a STEM Education/Philanthropy business team experiencing a number of issues keeping them from performing at a high level. In working with the vice president and team, used several tools for self and team awareness to open dialogue about the current and ideal state of team dynamics and performance. Effective norms for moving forward with short assignments to practice new skills between sessions were implemented and periodic check-ins were scheduled for assimilating norms.
  • Coached two senior vice presidents in a high stakes conversation they planned to have with a client around a sensitive issue involving project team miscommunications from both organizations resulting in significant budget overruns. There were demands that needed to be met while maintaining a long-standing relationship with the client. Coaching support provided issue clarity and meeting outcome, communication and meeting strategy, communication tools for high stakes conversations, and coaching. Vice presidents achieved desired outcomes and believed the clients also were coached in a similar manner making the conversation more aligned than expected.
  • Consulted with a vice president to design and facilitate an offsite Operational Review/ Planning meeting to focus on new business growth for new fiscal year. He also wanted to include teambuilding/fun with his virtual team meeting in New Orleans. The agenda covered business overviews, key customer reviews, the key operating plan, business support for the plan, and the optimum process to capture the dialogue and document decisions. Additionally, creative activities to align team culture with the strategy were incorporated with NOLA themes to instill competitive spirit, innovative fun, and team bonding.

Selective Education, Training, and Certifications:

  • A.C., Applied Speech Communication, Bowling Green State University
  • A., Communication Consultancy, Oklahoma State University
  • R.E., Religious Education, Loyola University, New Orleans
  • Coach Certified in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching; Team Coaching
  • Certified – Korn Ferry Leadership Architect and Assessment of Leadership Potential
  • Certified – Shift+ 360o and Center for Creative Leadership Suite of Benchmark 360o tools
  • Certified – PROSCI Change Management
  • Certified – Pritchett Business as UnUsual/Employee Workshop for Organizational Change
  • Certified – The Birkman Method
  • Certified – TRACOM Social Style and Resilient Mindset
  • Certified – DDI Interaction Management Leadership Suite
  • Certified – Vital Smarts Crucial Conversations
  • Certified Facilitator for Master’s Degree Program – Loyola Institute of Ministry Extension (LIMEX), a facilitator-led, 4-year cohort-based program offered remotely world-wide, through Loyola University, New Orleans