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Dan Mushalko talks about working with Metcalf & Associates, Inc. about his experience and results.


Client Referrals and Case Studies

Our Clients In Their Words – Quotes

MT Business Technology CEO, Carl FernyakCarl Fernyak – CEO MT Business Technologies:   “We accomplished a tremendous amount of improvement this year. Not only in doing things differently but thinking differently as a group. At times, the process seemed slow but in retrospect it was impressive as to the amount of ground we covered. We are very fortunate that we have a management team that wants the best for the company. As they began to understand the value of these exercises, buy-in and participation increased. While it is never perfect, it is certainly much better than it was last year.”


Steve Hertel, GE Water: “Metcalf & Associates helped me with development of my engineering team at GE Water.Steve Hertel They came in for an offsite leadership retreat, presenting some great material and thought-provoking questions for our team. With her hands-on approach and direct style, Maureen had an outstanding ability to connect with the team of engineering managers. Much of this innovative material was new to them, but they were able to provide great examples to help them relate and understand. Following the retreat, we came away with a clear set of goals and actions for our leadership team. A number of the managers also signed up for Metcalf & Associates Innovative Leadership program. Over the year long duration of the program I saw growth in development of leadership and creativity in addressing challenges within their teams and projects.

I would highly recommend others consider Maureen’s Innovative Leadership program.”

Rob Richardson Rob Richardson, CIO Worthington Industries: “I found Metcalf & Associates team professionalism, knowledge, and understanding of Leadership invaluable when I engaged Maureen to help assess and develop a leadership team I inherited. She demonstrated the ability to zero in on those items that prevent individuals and teams from truly being viewed as leaders and helped by mentoring on areas to improve. “Maureen makes you think!” She has the ability to “push” without being pushy and she respectfully challenges the status quo. She has helped me identify blind spots and provided coaching for organizational and leadership attributes leveraging Level 5 Leadership practices. At the end of the day the true test to her effectiveness is would I engage her again, and the answer is an emphatic “YES”. I would encourage others to consider Maureen should you have needs.”

Rattan D'Souza Innovative LeaderRattan D’Souza, Chief IT Architect, Worthington Industries: “Maureen showed exceptional ability in implementing change in a 120+ person IT organization. She conducted a thorough diagnostic using tools like 360 degree feedback and Level 5 Leadership to assess strengths and weaknesses of the organization. She then worked intensively with leadership to outline guiding principles, a strategy and an implementation plan for making the organization more effective. Maureen’s work was always exceptional and she helped create a solid foundation for change. I would highly recommend Maureen to organizations looking for expert help and intellectual leadership in implementing change.”


Bob Lipetz – CEO Society of Chest Pain Centers: “The business success that I had during this period was simply phenomenal. Coming Society of Chest Pain Centers, CEO - Bob Weisenberger Lipetzinto it, it seemed like the worst of all possible scenarios, yet by the end almost all objectives were exceeded. When I talk about what we actually did during this time, people shake their heads and ask if I realize how remarkable it is? Oddly, the more I developed as a change leader, the less unusual I found the successes. I began to “just know” that it was going to work out. I developed a confidence, not only in myself, but also in the organization. What I really take pride in, are the personal successes. People began to spontaneously volunteer to me that “I had changed.” I was a better man in ways that I could see in my interactions with people every day.

Strangely, the resume dazzling kind of successes that I had had in the organization were no longer all that important to me as the main definers of who I was and what I was worth. Sure, I was happy to have been a good shepherd to the organizational transition, but it wasn’t the change in the organization that provided my most satisfaction, it was who I had become. It is a wonderfully satisfying thing to set your sights on improving yourself in significant ways and begin to look back and say that you had. The world that I lived in was different. I related to it differently and it treated me differently in return.”

Senior Executive – Large US University: “As leaders focus on their individual development, a critically developed framework is necessary for deep insights. While the MAP assessment provides an excellent mechanism, an experienced coach is necessary to understand the nuances and create an adaptable action plan. Maureen Metcalf is spectacular at translating the rich model into actionable steps for your development as well as helping you adapt to individuals at other developmental levels. She also has the uncanny ability to intuitively assess an individual’s developmental level, and provide techniques to improve interactions and outcomes.” 

Department Chair – University College of Medicine: “A few years ago I attended a workshop designed to improve the mentoring skills of physicians and scientists working within the National Institutes of Health extramural funding system. I was exposed to a workshop was led by Maureen Metcalf. As a result, I took the MAP assessment. The feedback was a very stimulating and profitable because it helped me understand better my own leadership and mentorship style. The assessment information and coaching gave me great insight into myself and how I could interact with others taking into account their levels of maturity. This knowledge has proven useful on an ongoing basis in all of my professional relationships because it gave me insights into how to recognize maturity levels and quickly adjust my interaction to one that will work best for others. I return to those lessons often as I work to continually improve the effectiveness of my leadership.”

What people are saying from The Leadership Challenge – A cohort based program for Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. This program was named #3 in the country by in 2014 of top leadership development programs.

John A. Weber, IT Service Management Supervisor Infrastructure & Operations (OIS), Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services: “I was completely blown away by Maureen Metcalf!  She is a person anyone can easily admire.  To say she is “thought provoking” would be an understatement.  Her philosophical discussions piqued everyone’s interest the entire time she was with us.  Her take/view on Innovative Leadership is captivating, as well as her style of teaching/discussing the subject(s) at hand.  I particularly enjoyed her break down on cultural stages… that REALLY hit home, as you can see almost each (if not all) of these stages here in JFS.  I believe everyone in this Cohort really took away quite a bit about Leader Type Awareness & Self-Management, Developmental Perspective & Innovation, Resilience… as well as Managing Alignment of Self & Organization.  Maureen’s take on Leadership Behaviors & Developmental Basics seemed to me to be spot on!”

Scott Switzer recommending MetcalfScott Switzer, Office of Workforce Development, Supervisor Training and Technical Assistance, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services: “I thought Maureen was amazing!  She was so good at stirring thought and conversation.  The developmental stages really allowed me to better understand my staff at a different level.”

What Results Should You Expect to See?

We measure success in terms of your ability to evolve leadership capacity as well as increase sustainable organizational results. We expect our clients to become the benchmark for other organizations in their industries and communities as a result of working with us.  If you engage us for transformational consulting, your organization will:

  • Define and meet organizational strategies and goals and make a broader impact on the community and the world than you previously imagined possible.
  • Sustain performance improvements and continue to succeed after our engagement ends.
  • Build resilient leaders and a responsive organization Individuals in the organization are better prepared to navigate a dynamic environment, with a sense of flexibility and openness toward the uncertainty inherent in transformation.
  • Improve leadership capacity as measured by developmental level and leadership competency models.
  • Recognize and systematically remove barriers to performance in self and organization.

To discuss how you can achieve these results, contact Metcalf & Associates.