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Innovative Leadership – What is Your Development Path?

This post was co-written with Jason Miller, contributing author of the Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers. We believe that leadership innovation is a process of improving leadership that allows already successful leaders to raise the bar on personal and organizational performance. By adopting this view of leadership as an improvement process, we can […]

Innovative Leadership Workbook for Nonprofit Executives Awarded 2012 Best Business Reference Book

Metcalf & Associates, Inc., today announced that Innovative Leadership Workbook for Nonprofit Executives, written by CEO Maureen  Metcalf and Dani A. Robbins, was named USA Books 2012 Best Business Reference Book. The book was also a finalist in Business: Management & Leadership. “Leadership needs innovation the way   innovation demands leadership. By combining them, you improve your capacity to deliver results […]

Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers will be Released November 2012

The Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers, written by CEO Maureen Metcalf, Founder and CEO of Metcalf & Associates will be released in November 2012. This workbook is a companion to the winner of Best Business Reference Book in the 2012 International Book Awards. “Leadership needs innovation the way innovation demands leadership. By […]

What are Top Innovation Thought Leaders Saying?

I had the opportunity to participate in part of the planning process for “Creating a Marketplace for Ideas,” the 4th Annual Innovate Columbus forum aimed at preparing local companies for growth, while addressing the issues of risk-taking in a creative culture. It was a collaboration of TechColumbus and Innovate Fischer and because creativity is essential, we […]

Lives Well Lived – Personal Reflections

Most of my blog posts are focused on leadership development. This one is a bit different; it contains some of my personal reflections in reaction to two people who have inspired me because of the lives they lived (and are living) as well as their personal traits of integrity, wisdom, and commitment to service. I […]

Are you an Innovative Nonprofit Leader?

This is a guest post by Dani Robbins, co-author of the Innovative Leadership Workbook for Nonprofit Executives.  The innovative leadership model (developed by Maureen Metcalf) can be used to transform your leadership and, by extension, the nonprofit you lead. Building innovative leadership involves influencing others by engaging your intentions and actions, and aligning them with […]

How Marzetti is Raising the Bar on Products through Leadership

Two of the most compelling topics in business today are leadership and innovation. We know that leadership plays a critical role in an organization’s long-term success, and that innovation has become a strategic necessity in today’s business environment. In short, both leadership and innovation have a greater impact today than ever before. Technology and an […]

Coaching to Solve Structural Problems = Fail

As a leadership coach, I see great value in the impact that coaching provides—when the problem is accurately identified and coaching is the right solution. Just like any other business problem, it is important that the leader receiving coaching understands the issue, agrees with the issue, and agrees to engage in the coaching process. The […]

Five Keys to Building Tenacity and Humility in the Face of Chaos

In his bestselling business book Good to Great, Jim Collins talks about the importance of tenacity and humility in Level 5 Leaders—two qualities that help anyone survive in the face of chaos. We all know how our lives can turn upside down with no warning, leaving us confused and doubting a positive outcome. During chaotic […]