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Create a Compelling Vision For Career Development – Notes From The Field

This post is the first of a six part series of Notes from the Field where Holly,  an analyst in an HR department at a major university, talks about her experience using the  Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers to plan her next career step.  Holly will share a small part of her overall exploration, for a more […]

Epic Change Makers Interview

Maureen Metcalf was interviewed by Heine Kolltveit, founder of Epic Changemakers. He works with people who want to create a better world while enjoying life on the way. He helps these change makers operate from a place of inner peace and calm and from there create an even bigger impact in the world. Epic Changemakers is dedicated to […]

Is My Company Vibrant? A Case Study

I met Jim Ritchie-Dunham and learned about Harmonic Vibrancy research when a highly regarded colleague, Terri O’Fallon, asked me to participate in a study that evaluated the vibrancy of my company. Terri is one of those people who is always involved in something interesting so I responded quickly. Additionally, the request came as part of […]

Evaluating Big Data Projects and Success Factors – Paper Published

James Brenza and Maureen Metcalf recently published a paper Evaluating Big Data Projects – Success and Failure Using an Integral Lens in the Integral Leadership Review, a bridging publication that links authors and readers across cultures around the world. It serves leaders, professionals and academics engaged in the practice, development and theory of leadership. It bridges multiple […]

How Vibrant Is Your Organization?

In this post, we invite you to experience greater organizational vibrancy and business results. We define organizational vibrancy and invite you to get involved by taking a vibrancy assessment. An understanding of vibrancy along with your assessment scores will support you in choosing agreements that allow you to flourish. Mike runs a highly successful organization […]

Seven Steps to Transforming Your Organization

Today’s post provides you the seven actionable steps required to lead successful organizational transformation. To evaluate yourself and your organizations, take the free on-line transforming organizations assessment and read the Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations. Ralph walked into a meeting that was being led by the business unit president. Ralph was running a large project […]

New Tools and Resources for Leading Transformation Now Available

Wondering what your first step might be in enhancing your capacity to lead complex transformation? Wondering how to help someone on your leadership team build some key skills so they can be more effectively involved in key change? As part of our commitment to make the most current and effective resources available to you, we […]

Cultivating Resilience: Developing our “Response-ability” to Stress – Part 2

This week’s blog post was written by one of our coaches, Lisa Iverson, innovative leadership coach & mental health counselor.  Last week we discussed resilience and how it’s helpful in the workplace by exploring the first two of four elements. This week we will discuss the remaining elements and how they can be applied. Let’s […]