Carlos Brito from World Business Forum 2010 The Power of “Dream, People, Culture”

Carlos Brito talked to the World Business Forum about – Building a Performance Culture.   Better than you: How to Building a Cohesive Team of High Achievers.  Carlos is the CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev. During 5 mergers and acquisitions we continually asked: why is it that our performance is better than these other companies.  We found […]

Jack Welch at World Business Forum 2010 – CEO Number 1 Job is Leadership

Jack Welch former CEO of GE and top selling author of Winning spoke at the World Business Forum 2010 hitting the topic of Management Fundamentals and success. Key points of his message were very close to the themes from Jim Collins, author of Good to Great. Collins is primarily a researcher and Welch is primarily a CEO. They both focus heavily on the importance of leadership, growing your people, creating a vision, establishing clear process and accountability to move the business forward consistently.

Jim Collins from World Business Forum 2010

Mr. Collins spoke at the World Business Forum 2010 about the syntheses of Good to Great, Built to Last, and how the Mighty Fall. Sustaining Great Results – What does a Level 5 Leaders do?

Leadership Coaching – Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Coach

Selecting an effective leadership coach is critical to your success. Here are a few key steps that we recommend focusing on right now to select the best coach for you. · Determine your overall goal · Select a coach who has the skills, credentials, and experience to match your needs · Evaluate the coaches for […]

What are the 5 key elements that drive effective Leadership in 2010 and beyond?

We talk a lot about ‘transformational leadership’ as being the kind of leadership necessary to transform organizations but the term is still not commonly understood.  In this post we talk about the key components to consider when discussing, assessing and developing leaders. Based on years of research, consulting, and coaching, we have developed a model […]

5 Keys to Being an Outstanding Team Member

It is not enough to be an exceptional level five leader; you must also work effectively with others. Even super heroes work together just like Batman and Robin. A key differentiator for professional growth is how well you work with others. We can all think of times where we could have accomplished a task easier […]

Setting a Vision For Your Company’s Future

This blog post is the first in a series of posts that explores my work with MT Business Technologies during our second year of work.  To learn more about the first year, please read the article published in Integral Leadership Review in January 2010. I met the client at a leadership workshop on developing transformational […]

Prioritizing Business Success Through Organizational Transformation

MM:  You know, Belinda, I have been a change management consultant for about 20 years now.  From what I am seeing now, in this time of huge transition both economically and in the philosophy of business, I’m thinking that the most effective way to support companies is to offer a targeted package to help senior […]

Leading in Uncharted Territory – New Rule #10 – Keep an attitude of experimentation

We do not have “right answers” we have hypotheses to be tested and refined. In our exploration of Leading in Uncharted Territory, rule 10 is: Keep an attitude of experimentation – we do not have “right answers” we have hypotheses to be tested and refined. As we think about our current environment where the old […]

Thanksgiving and Gratefulness

I am making this post on Thanksgiving Day 2009 so I want to talk about gratefulness and the role it plays in my professional life. It is an important part of my personal and leadership practice (practice – something I continue to do because it is never complete), By thinking about what I am grateful […]

Leading in Uncharted Territory – Rule #9 – Measure, Learn and Refine

In our exploration of Leading in Uncharted Territory, rule 9 is: Measure results, learn and refine approaches (also called dynamic steering). As we think about our current environment, good measurement systems and processes are critical. We find our environment changing on a regular basis and one of the most valuable elements of success is awareness […]

Leading in Uncharted Territory – Rule #8 – Create Flexible Responsive Organizations

In our exploration of Leading in Uncharted Territory, rule 8 is: Create flexible responsive organizations. As I think of leading during times of uncertainty one thing that comes to mind is selecting people who will be able to navigate the transitions we will likely face. This means having a selection process that helps to determine […]