Positive Action Resulting Bin Laden Death?

So, all I have heard on the news today is that Osama Bin Laden was killed. I am struck by a question – what can we DO in our own ordinary lives to move forward in a meaningful way? I understand all of the celebrations and respect the desire to celebrate and yet it seems like […]

Building Resilience in an Environment of Change – Stories

Today we have a guest post from Maria Polak, one of our associates and also faculty member at Otterbein University and Franklin University. Almost every day provides information on external changes to organizations and systems that can affect us in many ways.  Market demands in the private sector have already affected those organizations, with resilient […]

Cheryl Krueger – Passion for Excellence

Cheryl Krueger, Founder of Cheryl & Co, provides the finest baked cookies and desserts in gift packaging, was a featured speaker as part of the TechColumbus 2011 Leadership Series sponsored by Vorys.  This series was designed in a conversational format to create the greatest interest and value for senior company leaders. Veteran “business builders” share their philosophies and […]

Building Resilient Leaders – Part 2

Fulfill Life Purpose While Living Your Values Having a strong sense of life purposeand aligning your activities with that purpose creates a strong foundation for wellbeing.  Emotional intelligence accounts for 85-90% of the difference between outstanding leaders and their more average peers. Emotional intelligence is a major factor in accomplishing life purpose.  Key areas of […]

Building Resilient Leaders – Part 1

In leadership terms, we define Resilience as the ability to adapt in the face of multiple changes while continuing to persevere toward strategic goals.  In our very dynamic work environment, we as leaders must build resilience in ourselves as well as in our employees. As a leader, you actually become different based on the changing environment.  […]

Michael Glimcher – Culture Differentiates

Michael P. Glimcher,Chairman of the Board of Glimcher Realty Trust spoke at the TechColumbus 2011 Leadership Series meeting sponsored by Vorys.  Michael has been a trustee of the Company since June 1997, was appointed President of the Company in December 1999, and appointed Chief Executive Officer in January 2005. Glimcher Realty Trust is a retail real […]

How Healthy is Your Organization?

As we start the New Year with organizational goals, annual financial plans and individual goals, a key question is where do we spend our limited time and money to drive the greatest organizational success?  How do you know what is working well?  What is working but causing other organizational problems? We recommend a 5 part […]

Mike Sayre – Leading with Purpose

In our ongoing series of blog posts about Inspirational Leaders, this post features Mike Sayre talking to a Capital University MBA class. Mike’s sense of vision and professional integrity has long provided a role model for many in the community. He is a regular speaker in my MBA class sharing his experiences with these emerging […]

End of Year – What Next?

As we approach the end of the year and you do your end of year analysis, look at the balanced scorecards, look at the trends for performance of various sorts – how did you do?  Did you meet your goals?  Exceed your goals?  Were your goals even relevant at the end of the year or […]

Gratitude Improves Performance and Resilience

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to remind us that a gratitude practice can be very powerful tool for improving health and well being as well as mental clarity.  This practice is so beneficial it is part of my daily practice, just like healthy eating.  It is an important part of building resilience. Advanced research at theInstitute of HeartMath and […]

Qualities of Successful Leaders – World Business Forum Synopsis

I was invited to participate in the World Business Forum 2010 as a guest blogger.  The World Business Forum responds to what is happening in the world now in these critical areas. Whether it’s the global financial markets, social media, heanth care or the future of globalization, they provide the very latest thinking directly from those who are setting the agenda. […]

Gallup Research Connecting Wellbeing and Organizational Success Makes the Business Case for Companies to support 2 by 2012 Initiative Biking to Work in Columbus, Ohio

I just met with Doug Morgan, a prominent attorney with Hahn Loeser and avid cyclist in Columbus, Ohio.  He is leading an initiative, 2 By 2010, to promote employees cycling to work 2 days/month or 10% of their time.  Doug is a board member of  Consider Biking, a non-profit committed to making Central Ohio increasingly safe, accessible, […]