Deep Living By Roxanne-Howe Murphy To Be Released March 27, 2013

Deep LivingMany of you know that I was certified through The Deep Coaching Institute whose Founder wrote this exciting book.  It takes the Deep Coaching work into a profound and meaningful guide for everyone to use.  I highly recommend it!

In Deep Living, Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD, offers a radically compassionate, rare, and mature approach to personal change. She integrates the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram with presence-based practices for everyday living, revealing unexpected healing processes that will transform how you see and experience yourself—and the world around you.

If you yearn to live with ease, to move toward your soul’s true purpose, to feel at home in your own skin and to live at ease in the world, this new book will guide you along the path

  • from inner inadequacy to real inner authority;
  • from struggle to real inner peace; and
  • from Self-limiting ideas and stories to real inner liberation and authenticity.

You have an innate and evolutionary capacity for the deep intelligence of direct, in-the-moment experiences, and the Enneagram—used consciously—is a map of nine profound journeys from separateness to wholeness and love.

Find the reflection of your particular true nature with Deep Living.

Roxanne’s personal style, breakthrough methods for sustainable transformation, and her deep honoring of the soul’s journey have inspired people around the world. A pioneer and global expert in integrating the Enneagram with executive and spiritual coaching, Roxanne authored the internationally acclaimed book, Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change, and founded the Deep Coaching Institute, which offers accredited training programs to growth-oriented professionals. Now, through the Deep Living Institute, the same expert guidance and compassionate, presence-based approaches for true Self-deepening are available to the lay public.

With a doctorate in education, Roxanne served on the faculty at Boston, San Francisco State, and San Jose State Universities for over twenty years. Her professional life also encompasses three decades of work in rehabilitation, consulting, and coaching.

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