Trends and Projections For Leaders in 2018

This post is a companion to the interview with Dr. Dale Meyerrose, Retired Air Force Major General. on  VoiceAmerica “Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations” on December 26, 2017, 2017 Retrospective and 2018 Projections with Dale Meyerrose.

Endings or beginnings? How do you choose to view the close of a year and the unfolding of a new one? Self-aware and strong leaders pause for reflection throughout the year, these dates, however, are great reminders to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. As 2017 wraps up, I want to close by highlighting trends we saw this year and what they might mean as we look at 2018.

  1. Volatility continues to increase. We continue to see record-setting natural disasters whose recovery stretches government infrastructures. We are seeing technology raise questions about venerable institutions with the strengthening awareness of crypto-currencies and blockchain. On the human front, the #metoo trend is the latest to disrupt the existing power structure.
  2. Anticipate trends as much as possible. Highly effective leaders are looking at the trends across a range of categories to determine those that are likely to impact us. Because so many disruptions come from nontraditional sources, it is no longer sufficient to look at only industries in which we’re involved. How do you monitor trends within and outside of your industry?
  3. Resilience is more important than ever. As leaders, we need to respond to volatility with grace and instill confidence in those who follow us. We need to have the capacity—with clear thinking and energy—to process the challenges that we face as well as those that face our organizations. Do you have practices that allow you to remain focused in times of challenge such as reflection, mindfulness, meditation, or prayer?
  4. Continue to build skills. The most effective leaders continually learn and grow, building on their already solid foundation. With the pace of change, all of us need to make time in our increasingly demanding schedules to refine our skills and expand our base of knowledge.
  5. Reconnect with your core. It is no longer enough to just do an adequate job, it is important to have a sense of purpose and an inner compass. Before my holiday travels, I will take my car to my mechanic to ensure it is in top working order for travel through the snow and mountains. I try to do the same with my purpose and inner compass, I take time at the end of the year, which happens to correspond with my birthday, to reflect on the past year and think about the upcoming one and, most importantly, identify which of my beliefs no longer serve me. This is different than skill building, it is about mindset. If my inner “operating system” is out of date, I am likely to make decisions that don’t work at this juncture in history. Are you making time to look over the year and consider not only what actions you took but also what motivated you to take those action? Are your beliefs and motives still aligned with your goals?

Most cultures reward activity and doing more with less. What we are doing now is leaving most of us exhausted and often overwhelmed. These are not the main characteristics anyone puts on their LinkedIn profile “willing to overwork but often exhausted…” It’s important to consider and rethink how we respond. What I suggest is counter to most cultures: Sometimes the best action is inaction.

So, as we reflect on 2017 and plan 2018, how will you navigate the accelerating demands on your time and energy with the physiological constraints we all face? If you can make changes in your organization, what will you do for yourself to build time to recharge and refresh?

The team at Metcalf & Associates wishes all of you a happy holiday season spent with those you most value in your lives. We hope you take the time to recharge and refresh your body, emotions, and spirit. We are looking forward to doing exactly what we recommend: balancing spending time with family and making time alone for quiet reflection.

Maureen Metcalf, CEO and Founder of Metcalf & Associates, is a renowned executive advisor, author, speaker, and coach whose 30 years of business experience provides high-impact, practical solutions that support her clients’ leadership development and organizational transformations. Maureen is recognized as an innovative, principled thought leader who combines intellectual rigor and discipline with an ability to translate theory into practice. Her operational skills are coupled with a strategic ability to analyze, develop, and implement successful strategies for profitability, growth, and sustainability.

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