Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations Awarded 2013 International Book Award – ‘Best Business Reference Book’

International Book Award 2013“Leading change starts with leadership and yet, in many organizations, the process of leading change often omits the idea that transforming leaders is an integral part of the overall transformation process,” says Metcalf. This guide to transforming organizations starts with an approach to leadership called innovative leadership. It is a comprehensive model defining five key elements required to successfully transform organizations.

Divided into sections, the first part of this guide focuses on what Innovative Leadership is and how to develop, build, and apply it. It explores the model in detail and gives examples of how an innovative leader can use these elements in transformation efforts.

The second section focuses on the process of leading transformative change. This section puts innovative leadership to action by building on exercises from Section One. It provides a change model, gives an example of how an innovative leader transforms his organization, and offers practical tools and steps to lead change.

A common reason for transformation failure is that leaders focus on the systems, rather than the larger context that includes themselves as leader and the organizational culture. Because innovative leadership influences by engaging the four dimensions of belief, action, culture, and systems equally, innovative leaders are uniquely qualified—and have a much higher success rate—to transform organizations.

During this decade of increased complexity and failed change initiatives, and amid an accelerated need for change, it is critical for organizations to identify new models that address these challenges while maintaining efficient and effective operations. This Guide provides models that increase your ability to successfully implement sustained change.

“This guide offers leaders a pragmatic set of tools to concurrently transform themselves and their organizations. Alignment is particularly important when transforming complex international organizations, and this book helps leaders align themselves their organizational culture, and their systems to ensure success. The combination of theory and practice make this a must-read leadership book!” says Willim I. Brustein, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Glogal Strategies and International Affairs, Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and History, The Ohio State University.

To learn more about Innovative Leadership and the process of implementing transformative change, we recommend the Innovative Leadership Fieldbook and the Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations. We also offer several workshops to help you build these skills.

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