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Innovative Leadership Fieldbook is a leading text for managers, executives and individual contributors providing a combination of well-researched theory with practical business case studies. Authors Maureen Metcalf and Mark Palmer define leadership from a thoughtful, new perspective and provide six-step process for developing strong leadership qualities.

Book expected on Amazon and Barnes and Noble October 15, 2011. 

“Leadership needs innovation the way innovation demands leadership, and by combining them you can improve your capacity to deliver results,” as explained in this book.

An innovative leader is defined as someone who consistently delivers results using the following:

  • Strategic leadership that inspires individual goals and organizations vision and cultures;
  • Tactical leadership that influences an individual’s actions and the organizations systems.
  • Holistic Leadership that aligns all key dimensions:  Individual, culture, action and systems.

This book, divided into twelve chapters, skillfully weaves the journeys of two executive leaders on their paths of developing innovative leadership qualities and implementing change in their organizations. Both leaders encounter their own unique challenges, organizational cultures and outcomes which provide invaluable insight into developing innovative leaders.

Selected Praise from our readers:

  • A practical guide using comprehensive assessments and practices that develop a balanced Integral leadership approach critical for these fast ever-changing times –  Jim Grote, Founder, Donatos and the Grote Companies
  •  This Fieldbook takes an insightful journey through the five stages of innovative leadership development—with a fresh perspective. Leaders will find a comprehensive set of tools to help them both personally develop and also to coach their employees. The insight has helped me dramatically improve productivity and effectiveness among the leaders working for me. – Andrew Manzer, President and CEO at Schuyler Hospital
  • The Innovative Leadership Fieldbook offers a fresh perspective and thoughtful approach on leadership that helps leaders align their actions with the organizational culture and systems.  This alignment is critical in successfully transforming organizations and implementing sustainable change in a complex environment. – Michael Bill, Executive in Residence, The Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University
  • As the Innovative Leadership Fieldbook so artfully points out, ‘true leaders are both born and made—our leadership skills evolve as we grow’.  Had I had insights from this book earlier in my career, including my first CEO role, my leadership development would have been significantly accelerated, helping me better navigate new challenges.  Nevertheless, I’m happy to have it now!  – Mike Sayre, President and  COO at
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