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Leadership 2050 Competency Model

Leadership 2050This blog is a companion to the Voice America show to air on October 13, 2015. In the radio show, we discuss the strategist competency model reflected in the table below. This discussion brings the competency model to life as Mike, Susan and Maureen discuss the model and provide current examples of each competency. This model was published in Leadership 2050 as well as in the Innovative Leadership series.

“The qualities of effective leadership can be paradoxical – requiring effective leaders to be passionate, unbiased, detailed and strategic, hard-driven and sustainable, fact-focused and intuitive, self-confident and selfless – all often at the same time. Such complexity is rarely found in leaders even under optimal conditions. As we move toward 2050, new contexts and conditions are poised to emerge that will create challenges beyond the abilities of most leaders or a single nation to manage. This powerful contextual shift – a time of great stress and constraint – has the potential to drive a new and more complex stage of human culture and consciousness to meet these challenges.”, according to chapter twelve of Leadership 2050, written by Susan Cannon, Mike Morrow-Fox and Maureen Metcalf.

The competency model is based on the seminal research of Susann Cook-Greuter in her Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF) along with other researchers. Susann’s LDF framework lays out levels of leadership maturity. The Strategist Competency Model is based on the level in her framework called “Strategist” and correlates with “Level 5 Leadership” in Jim Collins book Good to Great. The following table

Strategist Competency Model


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