Innovative Leadership Institute, Inc. Celebrated 10 Years in Business

September 12, 2011 was the ten year anniversary for Metcalf & Associates.  Before I launched the company, I spent several months thinking about what next as I was leaving Accenture, a large consulting firm.  For me, thinking about what is next means going to a cabin in the woods – off the grid where I can walk in the woods, slow my pace, read, reflect and play with my dog.  So, at the ten year anniversary I took two weekends to do the same.  I just completed my first book, The Innovative Leadership Fieldbook, which is the culmination of ten years of work.  So, it is a great time to slow down and reflect again and ask what next from here.

As I reflect on my business over the past ten years, the main emotion that comes to mind is gratitude.  I am extremely grateful to so many people who made this company and it’s successes possible.

  • Colleagues past and present who helped build the business and who served as inspiration to me every step along the way
  • Clients – people who trusted me with their business operations and their personal challenges.  I could not have stayed in business without you
  • Friends of the firm – at every turn.  I always had what I needed in the form of money, emotional support, thought partners, people to encourage me, and people to challenge my thinking to make me sharper.

As I return from a cabin in the woods again, still facing dynamic economic times, I prepare for the next 10 years.  While I do not know what will happen next, I have a few thoughts about what is important to me:

  • Running a high value and high impact business that gives great value to my clients and provides compelling work for my colleagues.
  • Building and supporting a vibrant community in Central Ohio and beyond.  One of the actions I am taking to make this possible is supporting the work of the Institute of Strategic Clarity.  They are doing research about what makes organizations (and now a community) vibrant.  If you want to learn more and take the free assessment, click.
  • Continuing to bring thought leadership to my clients and the global community in the form of coaching, consulting and writing.  Many of my papers have been published by Integral Leadership Review and are available for free.
  • Giving back to friends, colleagues, clients and the next generation.  I will continue to be involved in Boards as well as being a good friend and colleague to people and businesses.
  • Continuing to grow and develop myself.  I believe that as we face challenges, it is critical to maintain our own personal resilienceand develop at least as fast as the world around us is so we can stay current.  I am committed to taking time to tend to my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Part of this means I work with a coach from our team to help me grow.  I have also committed to a serious exercise regimin and I make time for personal reflection and meditation.

Thank you to everyone who has made Metcalf & Associates a 10 year success!

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