Transforming a Leader and his Organization Success Story

Achievement award by joshMcConnell cc We recently published an article, Transforming a Leader and his Organization An Approach, a Case Study, and Measurable Results. We explore the transformation approach Metcalf & Associates uses with clients and Bob shares his experiences and successes. We also discuss what we learned and what we would do differently in the future. To provide the perspective of the client, Robert Weisenburger Lipetz, MBA, the CEO, offers his insight throughout the article.

Excerpt from the Article

CEO: I started my first day on the job with a borrowed card table and folding chair, with $20,000 in seed money, no income and no way to get paid. But, it was the right mission at the right time and I was determined to make it work. I introduced two lines of service to the community that we served that directly supported the mission: hospital accreditation and care provider education. Both of these services became big successes, rapidly growing us from zero revenue to a seven figure revenue organization. After a couple of years of feeling like I was constantly trying to hang on to a bucking bull, I was searching for an effective way to put into place a structure that could support continued growth with less pain. Metcalf & Associates was initially hired to coach the CEO. Over the course of their work together, they all came to believe that the scope of the work should expand to include both leadership development coaching and management consulting to facilitate the transformations necessary for the organization to thrive.


CEO: I’m no doubt a more resilient manager with a better ability to think in terms of strategy. I’ve also improved my listening skills and have not only become a better leader, but also a happier person. It is a pleasure to work with someone of my coach’s caliber. While research indicates that 75% of change efforts fail to deliver the business results they expected, this transition delivered more than promised and established the foundation for ongoing success. In addition to the client’s individual changes, the organization experienced some significant success in their transition that are listed in detail in the article. To read the full leadership transformation article.

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By Maureen Metcalf at Innovative Leadership Institute.

Photo credit: Josh McConnell