Being An Ally For Inclusion

We as business leaders are grappling with how to best lead ourselves and our organizations to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion. The focus of this page is on creating an equitable environment for Black and African American leaders, colleagues and team members. We are each responsible for our behaviors, and contribution to the culture and systems that define our companies and inform our actions and those of our employees.

Being an Ally For Inclusion

This page is a work in progress. We continue to add resources to support the conversation organizations are having about being an ally. This is primarily focused on systemic racism. Typically, our site focuses on scholarly and academic content. This page has a broader set of resources to help you learn more about systemic racism and formulate an approach to going forward as an ally. We believe that we all learn by taking in information from a broad range of sources. For that reason, we provide resources from standard leadership sources such as our Voice America series and McKinsey. We have also added YouTube videos and other mainstream resources we think you might find useful.

We will also be adding resources about being an ally against other forms of bias in the near future.

Manage Yourself

Once you listen to the interview about bias, ask yourself:

  1. Where am I bias?
  2. How is that bias hurting others?
  3. What can I change?
  4. Who will be my change accountability partner?

Discuss with colleagues

Begin having the real discussion about your experience and the choices you would like to make going forward:

  1. How have I participated in the current system?
  2. How do I feel about my involvement? (This is a complex question for many people who understand they have benefited from the current system of inequity)
  3. What do we want our future organization to stand for and do going forward?
  4. What is my commitment going forward to be part of the changes?
  5. Who will hold me to account for this commitment?