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The most effective leaders continue to learn and evolve their skills and mindset.

How soon is too soon to learn what it means to be an effective leader? We create an integrated leadership development path and tools tailored to every level helping leaders transition through their lives and careers from high school, college, emerging leaders, leaders to executives. We believe that the foundation can and should start early. We have a range of offerings that help build leadership and stay current.

Innovative Leadership FieldbookWe believe one key to innovating our leadership mindset and behaviors is to learn from others who have become what we aspire to be. This could be people who have a specific skill or those who have achieved great success. Our Voice America series, Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations is designed to present genuine conversations with successful leaders across a broad spectrum of fields. This resource is intended to offer unique, high-value conversations and research.

The Innovative Leadership Fieldbook provides field-tested integral approaches to developing leaders, transforming organizations and creating sustainability.  According to Susanne Cook-Greuter, an internationally respected thought leader in the area of leadership development, “It is one of the first practical and field-tested approaches to supporting the development of leaders and their cultures using an integral perspective. The book brings pertinent new insights into five stages of leadership development. It presents a balanced set of assessment tools and practices for the reader to explore. It thus helps leaders as well as their coaches to deepen their self-awareness and become more effective and productive over time.  Best of all, it is an engaging read, carefully designed for optimal learning and richly illustrated with real-life examples and solid advice.”

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