International Leadership

As more organizations work globally, leaders need to understand how to lead across expanded geography with increased complexity. How are you positioning yourself to navigate the global landscape?

Innovative Leadership Workbook for Global LeadersWe believe one key to effective leadership is to listen to people who are highly successfully and also those researching, teaching and helping successful leaders develop. Our Voice America series, Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations is designed to present genuine conversations with successful leaders and academics across a broad spectrum of fields talking about global leadership. This resource is intended to offer unique, high value conversations and research.

Most of these conversations were recorded at the International Leadership Association global conference and are accompanied by blog posts for those interviewed.

We just launched an online global leadership program that combines the award winning workbook with the latest global leadership interviews. Contact us to learn more about this and other online programs that can be offered as stand alone training or augmented with coaching and in person or Zoom based remote training.

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