Innovative Leadership is an integrated process of meeting an organization’s vision and stakeholder goals by influencing followers. 

Effective leaders attend to both who they are and how they lead. The best leaders understand who they are and understand that “they” are as important as their ability to perform leadership functions. Innovative Leadership helps leaders elevate their self-awareness and presence and build leadership skills. 

Our recent article in Forbes – Innovative Leadership: An Ongoing Development Journey explores how Innovative Leadership works. To learn more about our point of view and approach, read our recent article in Amplify!, titled Innovative Leadership Leading Post Pandemic and Beyond

Our framework is shared in more detail in the 45-minute video, taken from a presentation Maureen Metcalf & Carla Morelli made through the Franklin University Mason Leadership Center.

The following chart depicts the Institute’s Innovative Leadership Framework. 

ILI Framework 5_22



Innovative Leadership Mindsets

A critical element of Innovative Leadership is the leader’s mindset. Our research revealed the following seven mindsets as foundational for highly effective leadership, particularly during times of uncertainty and change.

360-Degree Thinker

Takes a systems view, understanding the context and interconnectedness of systems when making critical decisions.

Professionally Humble

Cares more about the organization’s success than success and image.

Innately Collaborative

Welcomes collaboration in a quest for novel solutions that serve the highest outcome for all involved.

Intellectually Versatile

Develops interests, expertise, and curiosity beyond the job and organization; is a life-long learner.

Highly Authentic and Reflective

Is not constrained by personal appearance but is highly focused on individual behavior;  committed to learning and growth of self and others.

Able to Inspire Followership

Connects with people at all levels of the organization to create and implement a shared vision.

Unwavering Commitment to Right Action

Is unstoppable and unflappable when on a mission.