Assessment Instructions

The following is a short self-assessment to help you identify your own scores relating to Innovative Leadership and your ability to lead transformational change. It is organized by the seven steps in the transformation process. This assessment will give you a general sense of where you want to focus your skill building efforts. We encourage you to take this survey as a way to get a snapshot of where you excel and where you may want to focus your energies on building additional skills to promote the success of your transformation projects.

Think about your most recent project, preferably over the last year, when determining your answer. If you are not sure, select “3” as the survey will not allow you to proceed until you answer each question. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.


• Complete the Demographic information

• Complete the 7 questions per section. Each of the seven sections will appear separately, and you will receive a section score.

• At the end of each section, select the “Proceed to Next Section” button.

• As you finish, select the “View My Summary” button.

• At the end, select “Print”. Your scores are confidential and will not be shared with anyone else either individually or in aggregate. Metcalf & Associates compiles the survey data for purposes of refining their leadership development tools. .

• You will receive an email approximately quarterly relating to Innovative Leadership. We do not share your email address or data with anyone else.