We deliver Innovative Leadership certificate programs (remote sessions with online curated content) with measurable results!

The value we provide is not simply teaching leaders about innovative leadership, but teaching leaders to become innovative leaders! We deliver certification programs through a combination of highly interactive remote workshops and flexible online programs. The video talks about the IT Leaders year-long program and shares their testimonials.

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Sample of Impact: Results from IT Leaders Program as measured by CIOs they report to – answers provided reflect scale of 1-5:

  1. How much have the participant(s) individual leadership skills and/or performance improved over the last year attributable to what they have learned by being in the program? 4.5
  2. If the participant(s) currently lead a group, how much has the culture and/or performance of their group improved over the last year attributable to the participant’s leadership? 4.5
  3. How much better prepared are the participant(s) for additional leadership responsibilities/promotion in the future? 5.0

The Innovative Leadership Institute leadership development program was a key element of the Jobs and Family Services leadership development program that won #3 in 2014 Leadership 500 Excellence Awards for leadership program excellence in the government and military category.

Our integrated development series provides practical hands-on exercises that offer an immediate return and long-term sustained results. Because everyone receives the same training, it “sticks” and transforms your leaders and culture. The development series serves as the foundation for organizational transformation.

Remote Zoom Workshops & Webinars With Companion Online Learning Support

Many organizations select individual workshops as part of their comprehensive leadership development and mentoring programs. We tailor classes to meet your organizational needs. Our workshops are designed to provide concrete takeaways that help you update your mindset and refine your behavior as a leader.

Sample Topics:

  • High impact communications
  • Building resilience
  • Managing conflict
  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Inspiring trust in teams
  • Building emotional intelligence in individuals and organizations

Online and Hybrid Programs

As part of the integrated leadership development program, we offer a number of standard workshops configured to meet your needs including leadership events (virtual only), 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months tailored to your organization. These workshops are offered directly to companies or open enrollment cohort-based programs. The programs range in approach – all involve some combination of group sessions (virtual) reinforced by an online training program that includes a structured development process augmented with assessments, audio interviews with thought leaders, academics and executives, videos, and reflection exercises. Many of these programs include peer mentors or learning partners selected using a rigorous assessment process. These programs are curated with materials from our vast development tools specifically to meet your learning goals.

We partner with Skillnet, the providers of an online platform that empowers companies to engage employees in their own self-development and gives managers and coaches the tools and data they need to better support development. Skillnet provides an ideal technology and process to manage and develop the skills and performance of your leaders and workforce. This platform offers skill and competency libraries, quick and comprehensive assessments, development plan goal setting and progress tracking, manager team view and coaching dashboards. The online platform can be configured to support your unique hybrid programs.

Workshop dates and offerings vary, so contact us directly to find the integrated program that fits meets your organization’s goals for success.


To learn more about leadership, check out our tailored Thought Leadership pages starting with executive insights and tools and sign up for a free chapters from Innovative Leaders Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers that serves as the foundation for the online leadership program. When you are ready to move forward with a customized program, contact us.