Christoph Hinske Innovative Leadership ConsultantChristoph Hinske, co-founder and CEO of The Engagement Company, a Dutch based social impact business. “Think of it as a place where multi-stakeholder engagement and business ecosystem strategy meet the power of systemic leadership and collaborative campaigning.” Testimonials about our joint work – led by Christoph.

Christoph is certified in the Innovative Leadership Organization Transformation process. He provides consulting support and partners with Metcalf & Associates to provide online leadership development and organization development training and curate high impact multi-sector online events.

He is an open-minded, creative and resourceful social entrepreneur with a bias for pragmatic actions. He motivates others and communicates comfortably at all levels and in many cultures. His main expertise is in systems strategy and peer-to-peer based business ecosystem design.

Christoph worked as member of advisory and executive boards for global industry networks and invested in SME’s, social enterprises as well as the world largest private banks and airlines. This unique background allows him to capture untouched value by integrating and aligning the needs of conflicting interest groups.

Working for 11+ years as a trained Global Change Manager, he developed strong expertise in cross-sector and global multi-stakeholder transformation initiatives. 

Areas of Expertise

  • developing platform based organizational strategy,
  • planning and delivering human resource development,
  • designing and building advanced training programs,
  • creating international networking events,
  • developing dialogue events to solve global multi-stakeholder challenges,
  • networking tools and application to convene cross-sector collaborators ,
  • design and facilitate lifelong learning programs through e-learning platforms and stakeholder programs.

Selected Transformation Consultant Impacts:

Together with his highly selective pool of clients and partners, Christoph develops and implements strategies to help them build resilient relationships and collaborative engagements with their strategic stakeholders, resulting in vibrant institutional ecosystems.

  • cultural transformation through increasing employee engagement and wellbeing
  • business model innovation through transforming linear business models into ecosystem based business models
  • increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational governance through implementing viral communication campaigns, shifting the core narrative of the organization towards integration vs. segregation
  • increasing impact margins through calculating the cost benefits of collaboration resulting in leadership decisions that strengthen measures of internal/ external brand loyalty and brand ambassadorship

Selected Education

  • The Institute for Strategic Clarity / United States; Master of Ecosynomics – The Science of Human Agreements, specialization: agreements of societal transformation
  • University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde / Germany; M.Sc. Global Change Management, specialisation: stakeholder management, systemic strategy and stakeholder communication

Sample Speaking Engagements 

  • Social Media Week Berlin, Microsoft hosted panel, Germany, penal speaker; Title: Future of Work – Knowledge workers of all countries, change!.
  • Ghanaian Panel on Private Sector Development, Ghana, key note speaker; Title: 21st century positive economic deviances – Ghanaian strategies to structural economic transformation
  • University of Applied Management Studies Mannheim, Germany, Lecturer; Courses: collaboration and organisational high performance
  • Berlin Change Days, Germany; Title: Key factors of sustainable performance
  • University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde, Germany, Lecturer; Courses: applied change of complex multi-actor systems, collaborative economy, positive deviance research; system dynamics; supervision of M.Sc. theses with the chair of socioeconomics and communication

Selected Publications

  • Agreements of Societal Transformations towards Sustainability; Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety – Impact research across 18 countries featured in Forbes Magazine
  • Structural Transformation in Ghana; Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Ghanaian Panel on Economic Development; Conference report: Evidence of Economic High Performance
  • Core Resources of Transformative Leadership, Pegasus Communications, The Systems Thinker – Building Shared Understanding