You Belong: LinkedIn Brings Diversity & Inclusion Home

Guest: Teuila Hanson

Season 9:   Episode: 22

Does your team feel like they belong in your organization? Do you?

At LinkedIn, that feeling of belonging is a critical part of workplace culture. And one way they accomplish it is by taking DEI to a whole new level: DIBs (Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging programs). Chief People Officer Teuila Hanson has seen remarkable success with it…so much so, LinkedIn happily shares techniques with other companies. It’s like an open source program for HR departments anywhere! What’s more, the benefits cascade into the community. Teuila brings us the details in this discussion with host Maureen Metcalf.

Here’s what Teuila and Maureen cover:

1. Why LinkedIn looks at an employee’s entire career cycle, and how it helps them advance within the company;
2. What DIBs means in practice; and
3. How HR innovations like this break generational cycles in and provide opportunities for families in poor socioeconomic conditions.

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