Fringe or Mainstream? Leaders Explore Psychedelics

Guest: Paul Austin

Season: 9   Episode: 16

You never know where the next big breakthrough in leadership research will come, so we’re going to sporadically feature outlier ideas, research from the fringe. Today is our first foray, as we investigate the role psychedelics can play in leadership development.


Struggling with the dichotomy of legality and morality, Paul Austin found himself on an unexpected journey of self-discovery – a journey that led him to establish Third Wave, a platform dedicated to using psychedelics to unlock leadership potential and transform paradigms. As Paul says to host Maureen Metcalf, “If I could focus my time and energy on one thing that would move the needle the most, it would be intentional psychedelic use by the leaders who are creating the paradigms of tomorrow.”

Here’s what Paul and Maureen cover:

  • How intentional microdoses of psychedelics can propel leadership development;
  • Why the proper setting and having an expert facilitator for guidance is absolutely critical; and
  • How CEOs and other leaders are already using psychedelics to help them problem-solve in today’s new normal of chaos and disruption.


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