Accelerating Change: DevOps, Agile, Lean and Culture of Innovation

Guest: Guru Vasudeva

Guru builds on prior interviews discussing agility, lean and a culture of learning. During this show he discusses how DevOps is transforming the pace of development at Nationwide IT, continuously improving the company’s competitive advantage while meeting consumer demands. Guru shares real-life experiences of leading this transformation across several application development and maintenance efforts, while highlighting the integration of Agile and Lean practices and the importance of lean leadership. During this conversation Maureen and Guru explore the implications of using the Dev Ops methodology, in conjunction with others to accelerate the rate of change and how the organization must respond. It means people’s jobs will change – including IT people who are doing their work differently. They explore how Nationwide is preparing people for significant changes in their work yet at the same time focusing on sustaining jobs for those committed to personal growth.


Guru Vasudeva

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