Authentic Persuasion as a Key to Success

Guests: Brian Ahearn & Steve Hunkler

Authentic persuasion is a critical skill for leaders moving their organizations into the future. They need to see a vision and enroll the organization in moving toward that vision. We would like you to leave today with a clear understanding of why applying persuasion is so important for your professional success and personal happiness and a few ideas about how you might improve your skills. Discuss will include: 1. What exactly is persuasion? 2. How does persuasion differ from manipulation? 3. What are the “principles of persuasion” you teach? 4. Is there one principle that stands out as more effective than others? 5. Can you give me an example of how you used something you teach at work that lead to a big success? 6. Please provide an example of the business value your process has provided.


Brian Ahearn, Steve Hunkler

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