Avocados: When Produce Produces Innovation

Season 9 Episode 46

Guest: Alvaro Luque

Innovation is key to success in our changing world. And avocados are the key to innovation!

They’re a superb example, at least. By fostering innovation, Alvaro Luque — president and CEO of Avocados From Mexico — boosted the overall market for avocados in the United States. And that market is still growing.

One major move involved the Super Bowl, a move no one in the produce sector had ever tried before. Learn the results, and Alvaro’s tips for fostering innovation, in this episode!

Here’s what Alvaro and Maureen cover:

  1. The role of internal innovation champions within your organization;
  2. Why innovation is crucial to brand marketing that makes a difference, and
  3. Why boosting an entire market, including your competitors, is more profitable than just focusing on market share.

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