Book of Mistakes – 9 Secrets to Creating A Successful Future

Guest: Skip Prichard

This interview discusses THE BOOK OF MISTAKES, an inspiring business fable of a young professional named David. Two years into the workforce, David has already become embittered with lost confidence, misdirection, and growing apathy over a list of all-too-familiar stresses. That is, until he’s taken on a journey from “struggling young professional” to “promising entrepreneur, public speaker, and change-maker” by nine sage teachers readying him with the mistakes that lead to failure. We discuss a few of the nine mistakes, commonly made but rarely addressed. The list of nine includes: 1. Working on someone else’s dream. 2. Allowing someone else to define your value. 3. Accepting excuses. 4. Surrounding yourself with the wrong people. 5. Staying in your comfort zone. 6. Allowing temporary setbacks to become personal failures. 7. Blending in instead of standing out. 8. Thinking there is a fixed and limited amount of success available. 9. Believing you have all the time in the world.


Skip Prichard

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