Boosting Workplace Well-Being

Guest: Cameron Stockdale

Can a four-day workweek be just as productive – even more productive – than a five-day workweek?


The answer is an unquestionable “yes!” Cameron Stockdale talks about this and other workplace wellness initiatives with host Maureen Metcalf in this episode. Cameron is the CEO of the Work Wellness Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia. They’ve experimented with many different ways of improving employee wellness, with sometimes surprising results! For example, the staff overwhelmingly prefer taking walks outdoors over chillaxing indoors on yoga mats during their regular 17-minute breaks.


What would work in your workplace? Listen in to find out!

Here’s what Cameron and Maureen cover:

  1. How giving employees the tools for wellness is more effective than dumping money into the most expensive wellness programs;
  2. Why it’s important to normalize our view of mental health to the same view we have of physical health; and
  3. Uncovering the myth of the 8-hour workday (because in a “normal” office, your people only really work 2 hours and 59 minutes a day!).

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Cameron Stockdale

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