Building Aspiring CIOs and ‘C’ Level Leaders

Guest: Steve Gruetter

As we face significant change in the world, technology is leading those changes. Many of these changes will cause people in the technology community to become less effective if they don’t change at the same rate as tech. Specifically, leading in this new era is different than leading in the past and aspiring CIOs need to build skills differently now than they did in the past. Steve discusses a program he envisioned and created that involves a cross sector collaboration between multiple companies and the local CIO Forum. This is a wonderful example of local organizations investing in not only their own employees but the overall community education. 1. What sparked your decision to launch the IT Leaders program? 2. What themes and trends are you seeing that sparked action? 3. Describe the program content and how you came to select these topics; 4. This program is a collaboration between several community organizations, please share who is involved and their roles.


Steve Gruetter

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Board Leadership, Global Leadership, Innovative Leadership, Leadership Development, Team Effectiveness


Community organizations, Building skills, Leading changes, Technology community, Cross-sector collaboration