Building Leadership Self-Awareness Using Type

Guest: Belinda Gore

Part of the challenge in building innovative leadership is learning to become more introspective and how to put that introspective knowledge into practice. Looking inside yourself—examining the very makeup of your inner world—enables you to function in a highly grounded way, rather than operating from reactive habits and biases that simply lead to more uninformed or unconscious decision making. One way to observe this is by examining qualities intrinsic to your inner being, described as types, which reflect the basic makeup of your personality. The Leader Personality Type plays a critical role in how you see the organization and also how you provide guidance. It is an essential foundation of your personal makeup and greatly shapes your leadership effectiveness. During this interview, Belinda and Maureen will discuss how to use the Enneagram to prepare leaders to improve their self-awareness AND their leadership effectiveness.


Belinda Gore

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Innovative Leadership, Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation, Technology & Leadership


Innovative leadership, Introspective knowledge, Organization perspective, Leadership effectiveness,, Leadership improvement