Building Leadership Using Peer Leadership Groups

Guest: Artie Isaac

On this show, we talk about leader development from many angles. One highly effective approach is participating in peer groups to build these skills and receive the challenging feedback executives require and often don’t get from within their organization. These groups are proven effective when they are structured and facilitated well. For Artie, in all his interactions, he seeks this outcome: that all people can find their way to a group of peers, because in business, family, and geopolitically — people are at their best when they regularly receive the caring challenge of peers. We discuss: 1. Artie’s experience with peer leadership development groups? 2. What is most effective and why? 3. What is least effective and why? 4. If you were asked to design a program with limited constraints – what would it look like? 5. What is the effect on the members? How soon? 6. What in your background makes you apt for leading peer groups? 7. Why do you do it? What motivates you?


Artie Isaac

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