Building Resilience – A Key Foundation for Change

Guest: Mark Palmer & Belinda Gore

Resilience is a key foundation to personal and organizational success. This interview focuses on individual resilience. The conversation is designed to help you expand your understanding of resilience overall, how it connects to stress, how it is connected with success, how to measure it and what to do to build it. This dynamic conversation starts with resilience basics — exploring the four main components:

a. Physical well-being

b. Manage thinking

c. Purpose and emotional intelligence

d. Manage connections.

We then move to a conversation about how to measure individual resilience and understand the resilience gap between the individual’s capacity and requirements. Once you understand your resilience gap, it is time to set about creating solutions in each of the four main areas to manage your resilience so that you can lead effectively in times of ongoing change and occasional chaos.


Mark Palmer, Belinda Gore

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Connex Executive Insights, Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation, Resilience


Individual resilience, Measurement of resilience, Managing thinking, Creating solutions