Building The Next Generation of Leaders: College Student Leadership Development

Guest: Amy Barnes

Amy and Maureen are the co-authors of the Innovative Leadership Workbook for College Students – winner of the 2016 International Book Award for Best College Guide.
During the conversation, they talk about developing leadership skills among college students. Amy shares her experience teaching leadership at The Ohio State University and share her underlying frameworks that shaped the Innovative Leadership Workbook for College Students.

They discuss topics including:
1. What makes leadership development in college unique from other areas where one might seek leadership development opportunities?
2. The most important steps that a student can take to get involved with leadership on campus.
3. The best people to support leadership development on a college campus.
4. Where would someone got to seek mentorship?
5. What does the research say about the most important areas of growth for college student leaders?
6. The importance of self-reflection in building leadership capacity


Amy Barnes

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