CEO Perspective: Driving Growth

Guest: Gary Ross and Jodi Curran

Gary and Jodi talk about their experience driving successful company growth and exit across multiple software companies. Gary is very high energy and enthusiastic and shares his personal story. He answers the following questions: 1. Who are you in addition to being a CEO? 2. How did you grew Astute Solutions and orchestrated an exit? 3. What is a growth cube and how does it inform how you work as a CEO? 4. What do you believe are top qualities of successful senior executives 5. How do you prepare a company to be ready to attract investors? 6. What accomplishment are you most proud of personally? Professionally? 7. What fundamentals have you put in place in your organizations – to successfully transform your organizations to higher valuation and growth? 6. How do you create raving customers and associates? How does this drive business value? 7. What sets you apart from other leaders? What can our listeners learn from you that they could emulate?


Gary Ross, Jodi Curran

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