CEO Perspective on Building a Vibrant Organization

Guests: Jim Ritchie Dunham, Annabel Membrillo & Ana Claudia Goncalves

Jim Ritchie-Dunham, Annabel Membrillo and Ana Claudia Goncalves discuss Organizational Vibrancy. This body of work is making a great impact in entire organizations and in pockets of organizations around the world.  It has helped them identify where they excel and what gets in the way of their teams bringing about the innovative solutions they say they want and need to have a thriving organization. Questions to be discussed: 1. What is vibrancy? 2. How do agreements fit into this equation? 3. As the CEO of an international organization – what question were you looking to answer when you starting considering assessments? 4. Why the vibrancy assessment? 5. What value did you get? 6. What were the leadership qualities required to successfully implement the changes recommended to create a highly vibrant organization?


Jim Ritchie Dunham, Annabel Membrillo, Ana Claudia Goncalves

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Organizational Vibrancy, Innovative Solutions, International Organization, Leadership Qualities, Highly Vibrant Organization