Changing the Way We Think About Work

Guest: Eric Termuende

Eric’s mission is to change the way we think about work. His message: there will be less of a talent gap, communications gap, and age gap in the workplace as we rethink the human technology interface and manage how we think about one another and behave with one another. A recent HBR article indicates the nearly 50% of employees reported being lonely and that loneliness shortened our lives by the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The price we pay for speed, convenience, and even efficiency is a trade-off – not a saving. The time we save by not having that face-to-face conversation is costing relationships, friendships, and even basic understanding of who we’re working with. Eric will discuss an antidote that balances savings and relationships. This means rethinking belonging and how we navigate topics like employee engagement in remote and distributed environments. Eric will also discuss the conversations he has had on this topic with World Economic Forum.


Eric Termuende

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Developmental Perspectives, Innovative Leadership, Organizational Transformation, Technology & Leadership, Workforce Development


Distributed environments, Employee engagement, Human technology interface, Talent gap, Communications gap, Age gap