Choosing to Make An Impact: Activists Tell Their Story

Guests: Tom Grote & Rick Neal

As we look at the challenges we see in the world, it is easy to become disillusioned. Depending on geographic location, you are likely facing some type of disruption. As people who want to make a difference, how do you know where to focus your energy? Tom and Rick say yes to challenge. Separately, have done humanitarian work in Africa, formed a LGBTQ state wide advocacy organization in Ohio and many other acts of advocacy large and small. As a married gay couple and adopted parents of two daughters, they talk about their recent activism and how what they have chosen to say yes to is informing the arc of their lives as well as the lives of the people their work touches. Rick recently ran for political office in the US. They talk about how this “yes” impacted their families and how it creates new opportunities for both of them going forward. They inspire the question what will you say yes to?


Tom Grote, Rick Neal

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