CIO Perspective – Building toward the ‘C’ suite

Guest: Angelo Mazzocco

“I selected Angelo because he has the rare distinction of being both CEO and CIO so he has a perspective on leadership from both roles. He is also a true thought leader in our community. He has been a university adjunct faculty and facilitates a large CIO forum and CIO Tomorrow conference. He is the “go to guy” for many leaders in our community and beyond.

Angelo talks about his keys to success. He shares his insights and growth path very candidly. He talks about his fears and motivations for growth in a manner executives rarely share.

1. What differentiates you from the other successful CIOs? 2. What experiences did you have in life and how did you navigate them to position yourself for leadership success? 3. You were a highly successful CEO of a tech company then you moved back to being a CIO – why the shift when the company was posting record growth and profits? 4. What advice do you give young leaders as they manage their careers?”


Angelo Mazzocco

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