Conscious Capitalism: Business Accelerator

Guest: Mark Kovacevich

In a time where more people are questioning capitalism as a concept and our younger work force is demanding an opportunity to bring purpose and meaning into their work, we want to explore how this is happening successfully in profitable organizations. Mark talks about what he has done to bring successful capitalism and consciousness together to build a business that is both profitable and socially conscious. He shares his journey and company success along with details about what conscious capitalism looks like in his company, Improving. We discuss the following questions? 1. How does conscious capitalism work in an actual company? 2. What was the value you anticipated when you took this journey? 3. Have you gotten the results you anticipated? 4. What did you need to change about yourself and the organization to realize that value? Not only does conscious capitalism offer an avenue to improve profitability, it is an avenue to attract and retain talented people!


Mark Kovacevich

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