Conscious Capitalism: What and Why Leaders Should Know More

Guest: Thea Polancic

People start businesses to make a difference in the world. They have an impulse to solve a need. Over time they can move toward profit generation and protection.
Conscious Capitalism is about returning to the roots of doing something that matters. There are more and more people starting businesses because they want to do something that matters to them. This is a movement/philosophy that allows businesses to transform.
It is business 2.0. What we relied on for competitive advantage is no longer sufficient. Your purpose and values are the things they can’t copy and paste. We are also unapologetically profit motivated.

Thea and Maureen discuss:
1. the four pillars of conscious capitalism
2. what does personal conscious capitalism look like
3. what concrete actions individuals can take to get started
4. what concrete actions organizations can take to get started


Thea Polancic

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