Creating Vibrant Departments in Large Complex Organizations

Guests: Jim Ritchie Dunham & Dan Mushalko

Vibrancy and Ecosynomics are important topics for organizations that want to create engaged employees and drive strong business results. One of the vibrancy community’s goals is to identify the highest vibrancy organization and highlight what they are doing so others can benefit from the success of the highest vibrancy organizations. This interview with Jim Ritchie-Dunham and Dan Mushalko looks at WCBE public radio station in Columbus, Ohio. WCBE is an organization that has tested high on the vibrancy scale while the parent organization scored as less vibrant. Much of the difference in scores can be attributed to the deliberate actions taken by the General Manager, Dan Mushalko to address issues that are a “drag” on the stations vibrancy. A key focus of this discussion will be creating vibrant departments or units within a large organization even when the parent is not focused on vibrancy. Dan and Jim discusses his success factors driving vibrancy.


Jim Ritchie Dunham, Dan Mushalko

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