Creating Vibrant Organizations to Drive Performance: Ecosynomics

Guests: Jim Ritchie Dunham, Christoph Hinske & James Drinkwater

Jim Ritchie-Dunham and team developed a quantitative framework based on extensive data collected across 93 countries to identify the factors that make an organization vibrant. Jim Ritchie-Dunham, Christoph Hinske and James Drinkwater discuss how this framework drives organizational abundance by improving an organization’s ability to innovate out of key problems and create strategic advantage. The agreements (often unconscious) serve as the differentiator between organizations that consistently transcend the constraints of our daily organizational lives and those who don’t. By creating conscious agreements that enable participants to identify creative solutions, they can determine how to implement innovation and execute for results. Organizations that can’t do these three tasks will be outpaced by those who can. We will discuss: 1. What is vibrancy and ecosynomics? 2. How has the framework been used in the World Green Building Council? 3. What early results are you seeing? 3. How can you learn more?


Jim Ritchie Dunham, Christoph Hinske, James Drinkwater

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Organization vibrancy, Creative solutions, Innovation implementation, Vibrancy and ecosynomics